How can I optimize my listing?

  1. Great photos. A picture is sometimes the only chance you get to grab someone’s attention. Low-res, blurry, or over-filtered photos won’t do your location justice. Make sure your photos are accurate. If you use a wide angle lens, consider including a picture or two without it so that your guests are not surprised at the size of your location when they get there.
  2. Be detailed in your description, equipment list, rules, and amenities. The goal with any business is to keep your customers satisfied. If you aren’t completely accurate or detailed, your guests may be unpleasantly surprised. If there is something in your photos (like gear, instruments, and other equipment) that is not included in the location rental, be sure to mention that in your description. If you don’t want someone smoking on your property, state so in your rules.
  3. Competitive pricing. Look around and see what others are charging for locations like yours. You may need to adjust your pricing a few times to find your location's sweet spot. Consider listing your off-peak days for less.
  4. Think outside the box. Could your recording studio be used as a rehearsal space or a photo location as well? If so, use multiple space categories to get your location in front of more potential guests.
  5. Complete your profile. Adding a picture, social media links, and a bio helps build trust with potential guests.
  6. Understand and choose the right cancellation policy for you. If you need a refresher, check out our cancellation policies here. We give you the flexibility to choose the best option for you. A strict policy offers you the most protection, while a flexible policy may be more appealing to potential guests.

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