What is the cancellation and refund policy?

If a guest cancels a reservation:

Our hosts choose from one of three cancellation policies and are responsible for all refunds. Please understand the relevant cancellation policy before making a reservation.

  1. Flexible: Full refund of deposit for cancellations made two full days days prior to the reservation time.
  2. Moderate: Full refund of deposit for cancellations made five full days prior to the reservation time.
  3. Strict: Full refund of deposit for cancellations made seven full days prior to the reservation time.

Please note the credit card processing fee will not be refunded.

The remaining balance payment (if applicable) will always be refunded whether the guest is within or outside of the cancellation policy.

If a host cancels a reservation:

In the event that a host cancels a reservation, the host must fully refund the guest within 24 hours. Any fees taken by AVVAY will also be refunded. The host’s account may be temporarily or permanently suspended at the discretion of the AVVAY staff. Additionally, we reserve the right to adjust a host’s rating and deduct a punitive fee from their next reservation fee(s) to make up for any losses incurred by AVVAY due to the cancellation.

As always, if we can help in any way, please e-mail us at support@avvay.com.


AVVAY is not responsible for refunds. Refunds are only required in the event of a cancellation and are to be issued by the host. Because we are focused on cultivating a creative community and supporting many types of artists, we have developed a payment process that allows the most flexibility for our users in their unique situations. While we are not in control of funds that have been paid to a host, we will always do our best to provide a guest’s card issuer with the appropriate information if they choose to dispute a charge. Additionally, our trusted third party payment processor, Stripe, has tools for hosts handling any disputes that may arise (https://stripe.com/help/disputes). With that said, we love our community and are always here to help. E-mail us at support@avvay.com.

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