6 tips for quickly booking a location

If you're reading this, you're probably feeling like there are not enough hours in a day and need to book a location -- like, now. So, we'll keep this short and sweet. Here's how our all-star guests go about booking a location with lightning speed and efficiency. 

1. Provide details up-front. Share as many details as possible with the host when you submit your initial reservation request. At minimum write a sentence or two about who you are, what you're doing, and how many people will be there. We'll save this info for you so that if you decide to submit requests for other locations, you won't have to enter it again. 

2. Factor in set-up and tear-down time. Include this time in your initial request. This will eliminate a common back and forth communication between guest and host.

3. Connect your socials. This only takes a second and builds trust (we prompt you to add them after you submit a request).

4. Submit backup reservation requests. Go ahead and submit one or two requests for other locations as a backup. The info you entered the first time will be saved, so it should take less than a minute to submit another request! 

5. Check the host’s response rate. You can view a host’s response rate by clicking on the host’s name from the space listing page. A higher percentage rate means that the host typically responds more quickly to requests. 

6. We’re here to help. Let us know if you're in a rush or if there's anything we can do to help by emailing us at team@avvay.com and we'll jump in.

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