What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of AVVAY?

Protecting your payments

If a host on AVVAY asks you to pay off our site or through another person or company, please report it to us at support@avvay.com

To continue protecting our customers we want to make sure payments are logged directly in AVVAY. If the reservation is taken outside of our system through a 3rd party we have no record of what happened and can't get involved if there is an issue with the reservation.


AVVAY is generally a safe and welcoming community but to remain safe you should never share your email address before a reservation request is accepted. You should also never transfer funds outside of AVVAY.

Please note: Any reservations transacted outside of AVVAY also violates our Terms of Service. If we identify a reservation that was conducted by a third-party, we may deactivate the accounts of both parties.

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