6 Tips for Being a Great AVVAY Guest

  1. Treat it like you’re borrowing it. Go above and beyond to be careful and courteous in someone else’s space. Know the rules of the location and follow them. We want to build a creative community of trust and respect. We’re all in this together.
  2. Be on time. If you are late, the host is not required to give you extra time. Be punctual to get the most out of your reservation.
  3. Clean up. At the end of your reservation, tidy up. This gesture goes a long way with hosts.
  4. Be on the same page. Make sure your host knows what you’re using the location for and how many people will show up.
  5. Be honest about your experience. If you’re not sure how to use a particular piece of equipment in a location, then ask the host to show you how it works. Better safe than sorry.
  6. Write a review. Tell others about your experience when it’s all done ‒ this helps everyone.

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