How do I get paid?

All of our payments are processed securely by our third-party partner, Stripe. They allow us and our hosts to accept all major credit cards.

Before you accept a reservation request from a potential guest, you’ll need to create an account with Stripe through our site (or link your existing Stripe account), which we make quick and easy. After that, you’ll be able to start accepting payments immediately.

Funds are deposited directly into your Stripe merchant account. You can transfer those funds into your bank account or use them to reserve an inspirational space on AVVAY for yourself! Please note that for every new Stripe account the first payout may take 7-14 days (7 business days). This period is necessary to mitigate risks.

AVVAY takes 15% of the total reservation fee (plus a .30 cent transaction fee charged by Stripe).

The reservation fee = deposit + remaining balance + additional fees from the initial deposit amount. For example: If you have a reservation for $100 and collect a 50% deposit from the guest, AVVAY keeps $15 and you get $35 from the deposit. When the guest pays you the remaining balance, it’s all yours.

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