How does the reservation process work?

Here’s what the reservation process looks like:

  1. A guest sends a reservation request to a host. At this point, a specific time period is requested and a conversation is initiated between the guest and the host. Both parties should ask questions to make sure it’s a good fit. Guests may send multiple reservation requests to different hosts without obligation.
  2. Host accepts or declines the request. If they accept it, a notification is sent to the guest to confirm the reservation.
  3. An accepted reservation becomes a confirmed reservation. The guest pays a deposit amount set by the host (25%, 50%, or 100%) to confirm their reservation. After 72 hours, the accepted reservation is no longer active.
  4. Guest pays remaining balance. The guest needs to pay the host the remaining balance before the reservation begins, which can be done at anytime in the “Reservations” section of the dashboard. It is also possible for guests and hosts to make arrangements to handle the remaining balance payment in person.

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